Marketing Strategies for Active Tourism and Green Tourism
Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing

We can boost your online visibility, improving your website SEO - the free organic traffic from search engines - and launching a more effective digital marketing strategy on Google and social media, increasing reputation and conversions.

Sustainable Tourism

We can suggest the most effective digital marketing strategies, based on accurate analysis of your peculiar “buyer personas”, and to use specific marketplaces dedicated to promote ecotourism experiences and sustainable tourism.

Active Tourism
Booking Systems

We can help you to get more reservations, optimizing your online booking system, improving the use of OTAs like TripAdvisor and of management software like Rezdy and suggesting the most suitable solutions for your business.

New Markets

We can offer our expertise in the Italian, Spanish and Slovenia markets to find partners and distributors for your products in new areas, helping you to explore new opportunities and to promote your business at Trade Fairs & social events.

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Planning for the future.

As a unique and innovative consultancy, Smart&Green Adventure brings you the latest updates regardings trends and technologies to engage more with tourists.

Online Maps and Routes

Smart&Green Adventure helps you to enrich your tours with online maps for self guided itineraries and virtual routes to attract the new tourist generation.

VR and AR for tourism

We can suggest you how to use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Apps to empower your tours, making more attractive both guided and self-guided tours.

Smart&Green Adventure
Smart&Green Adventure was conceived by its founder, Patrizia Massanoas a unique marketing agency, devoted to promote and impulse active tourism and sustainable tourism values.
The company is based on her large experience developed working at a TripAdvisor company and then collaborating with cycletourism and ecotourism startups.
Patrizia Massano is an  international expert certified in sustainable tourism by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. She is a proud member of Barcelona+Sostenible Commission and of Travel Massive Professional Tourism Community.
Patrizia Massano

News and Updates

Genuine Spain crea VitaminBox

Genuine Spain, empresa innovadora que se dedica a ofrecer viajes sostenibles de alto valor añadido en España, ha lanzado de reciente un producto diferente, las VitaminBox. Se trata de experiencias de impacto positivo en parques y áreas naturales protegidas, creadas en colaboración con el Club Ecoturismo en España. Su objetivo: apoyar a los pequeños emprendedores rurales y ofrecer experiencias saludables en entornos libre del turismo de masa. Y nosotros la ayudamos, con la promoción en las redes sociales 🙂

Turiosity, the no profit OTA

Next September Turiosity, an alternative booking platform, commission free, will debut online. Launched by tourism marketing expert, Chris Torres, Turiosity aims “to help tour and activity providers grow direct bookings while complementing their own direct marketing efforts”. It will be a no profit organization, launched by companies for companies: a kind of “marketing consortium” where all the revenues generated on the platform are used to advertise Touriosity and the brands of its members. Interesting alternative, true?

Ready for Local Visitor?

The impact of Covid-19 has increased fear and limits to travel abroad, with a strong reduction of international tourism. This means tourism businesses will have to readapt their proposals to attract more local tourists than before. To address this situation, we have prepared a short guide with a few tips to reorient tours and activities and to adapt your marketing strategies towards the new kind of visitor. Hopefully, you will be able to reorganize your business and to develop new kinds of products or services, finding a new path for the future.

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