Promoting Ecotourism and Slow Tourism
Smart&Green Adventure helps ecotourism and sustainable tourism businesses to
promote their brand, their experiences and their path towards full sustainability.

Authenticity To The Core

When you are authentic to the core is easy sharing a message in favour of genuine experiences, respect for Mother Nature, promotion of local culture, traditions, products and tolerance for cultural differences. Smart&Green Adventure helps ecotourism and sustainable tourism businesses to empower their choices and paths towards sustainability, through effective digital marketing strategies aimed to attract and retain green travelers and ecotourists, promoting a positive word of mouth.

Your Green Keys

Remember that Green Travelers share your same values and they are always pleased to know how much you care about the protection of the environment or how you engage and support the local community. They are also hungry to learn from you and with you new ways of being more ecofriendly when travelling. We help you to highlight your green points, transforming them in “green touchpoints” to attract and connect with travellers during the customer journey - before, during and after their trips.

Our Green Strategies

Promoting your values, experiences, your measure to promote sustainability and respect for the environment through storytelling; Developing a personalized and authentic communication style to reach travellers heart; Creating an authentic connection, engaging with travellers before, during and after their trip; Using a multichannel strategy, both for sales and marketing, publishing your experiences also in sustainable booking platforms and reaching as local as international travellers.

Towards Zero Impact Tours

We help you to make your tours more sustainable, with a better use of new technologies and a zero waste policy, cutting plastic and and increasing the use of bikes, electric vehicles and public transports.

Honest Storytelling

We encourage and support you in finding your style and develop a passionate and honest narration that captivates the audience heart.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Adopting a Carbon Footprint Calculator helps you to analyse every source of carbon emissions and to change your habits, cutting your waste and reducing your expenditure.

Strong Online Visibility

An effective use of Social Media helps you to 'spread the voice' and to engage not just ecotourists and sustainable travelers, but also nature lovers and families with children curious to observe nature in person.

Regenerative Tours

From zero impact on the environment to a positive impact and contribution to the community visited. We drive you to make your tours a source of good both for travellers and locals.

Sustainable Marketplaces

Publishing your tours on platforms dedicated to ecotourism and sustainability improve your promotion as sustainable brand and increase your visibility and chances to get bookings.

We Have Taken Action!

We care for the environment and fight to reduce our impact on climate change as an individual and as a business. This way, we have joined Tourism Declares initiative and business network in declaring a climate emergency and taking action to reduce progressively our carbon emissions,

New Skills for Future Challenges!

We are actually completing an online course on Tourism and Climate Change by Wagenigen University and a short course on Regenerative Tourism with the University of Vigo. If you need more information regarding a particular issue, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to explore something new.