How to choose your tour booking platforms and marketplaces
We help businesses to grow their revenues, optimizing their use 
of online booking platforms and marketplaces for daily tours.
Online Bookings Platforms For Daily Tour Businesses
A booking button on a global platform, with millions of daily visitors, allows travelers 
to book online your tours 24 hr a day, and your business to get more visitors.
Using online bookings systems for tours and activities - like bike and walking tours, kayaking/canoeing, daily excursions - is the only effective way to get more customers and to grow online visibility.
It makes your tours more attractive and reliable, increasing your online reputation.
With our direct experience in bike tourism, we offer help to choose booking platforms or change to new ones, according to your needs, the type of tour, and  evaluating costs and effectiveness.
A Management Software for All Your Products
If you publish your tours and excursions on different booking platforms, you would need to use a reservation software to manage and update easily all your products.
A reservation software helps you first to centralize all your bookings from one stop point and secondly to resell your tours to other distributors, increasing your revenues and improving your efficiency.
In the last 2 years more companies have started offering new reservation software for daily tours, offering differing options and prices.
We can advice about the different proposals and conditions and help you to evaluate the best software for your business .

Unique Marketplaces for Active Holidays
If you run multi-day tours or offer active tourism holidays, you can optimize your revenues, publishing on specific marketplaces more suitable for your business.
There are multiple tourism platforms dedicated specifically to outdoor adventures
We can recommend you the most effective ones, based on your activity, interests and needs. 
Research of Distribution Channels
We make an effort to search for and contact potential distributors in your area of interest in Italy, Spain and Slovenia. 
We are specialized in those markets and you can count on a big network of contacts with agencies focused on active tourism experiences for groups, business travelers and private customers.


We are a fairly small, flexible consultancy for active tourism and ecotourism.